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The Amazing Spider-Man Lot 79 Bronze Age Issues from 1970-1979

The Amazing Spider-Man Lot 79 Bronze Age Issues from 1970-1979
The Amazing Spider-Man Lot 79 Bronze Age Issues from 1970-1979

The Amazing Spider-Man Lot 79 Bronze Age Issues from 1970-1979

73 comics, two of which are diamond/reprints. Lot includes 6 additional duplicate copies for a total of 79 bronze-age ASMs. Included in this lot is a complete run from #147-192 Key issues: 90 121 2 copies of 124. The Arms of Doctor Octopus! Spider-Man battles Doctor Octopus's mechanical tentacles.

The return of Doctor Octopus. Captain George Stacy dies when a pile of bricks fall on him due to Doctor Octopus' arms flailing around in a fight with Spider-Man. Spidey gets a last moment with Captain Stacy up on the rooftop where Stacy tells Peter Parker to take care of his daughter Gwen. Spider-Man is largely blamed for Captain Stacy's death. Drug Issues part 1; not approved by Comics Code Authority.

Peter Parker takes up a job at Norman Osborn's Chemistry lab. Osborn discovers a Green Goblin storage closet and becomes once again the Goblin. 1st appearance of The Gibbon.

The Gibbon is drugged by Kraven the Hunter so that he will attack Spider-Man. Spider-Man is preoccupied by Aunt May's disappearance. He comes across a new underworld group run by Doctor Octopus. Doctor Octopus and Hammerhead battle for control of the city.

Who The Heck Is Hammerhead? The battle between Hammerhead and Doctor Octopus continues. Aunt May revealed to be staying at Dr. Aunt May shoots at Spider-Man to protect Doc Ock. The Night Gwen Stacy Died.

In this landmark issue, the Green Goblin. Regains his memory and kills Gwen Stacy. Is hired by J Jonah Jameson to eliminate Spider-Man. The Mark of the Man-Wolf.

Spider-Man battles Jameson's son John who has turned into the Man-Wolf. The Dark Wings of Death! 1st appearance of The Spider-Mobile. Attempts to wed Aunt May.

Who is to inherit a private Canadian island rich in uranium. Apparent death of Doctor Octopus and Hammerhead when a nuclear breeder reactor blows up.

The Molten Man Breaks Out! Revealed to be Liz Allan's step brother. Danger Is A Man Named... 1st appearance of The Tarantula. Harry finds out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man when he sees him swing out of the apartment window.

1st appearance of The Grizzly. 1st appearance of Gloria Grant, Spider-Man battles the Grizzly and Jackal. The Man's Name Appears To Be...

1st appearance of Mysterio II (Daniel Berkhart). Spider-Man drives the Spider-Mobile off a dock. And The Wind Cries: Cyclone! Peter and Robbie Robertson travel to Paris to save J.

1st kiss between Peter and MJ. Gwen Stacy's clone part 3. The Tarantula Is A Very Deadly Beast! Gwen Stacy's clone part 4.

In a recreation of Gwen Stacey's death, Spider-Man is thrown off the Brooklyn Bridge by the Jackal. Who's got the Jackal? The Jackal is revealed to be Professor Miles Warren. Even if I live, I die! 1st appearance of The Spider-Man Clone. The clone and the Prof. Warren/Jackal appear to die at the end of the issue. Connors to do tests to see if he is the Clone.

He is attacked by Vulture, Sandman and the Kingpin, but these are just robots created by Dr. Who attacks with a new Spider-Slayer.

Spider-Man defeats him and proves to himself that he is not the Clone because, despite he and the clone having the same memories, he has feelings for Mary Jane which could only be based on shared experiences after the death of Gwen Stacy. Thus, he must be the real thing. Spider-Man decides to not read Dr. Spider-Man disposes of his clone in a smokestack. Harry Osborn is released from the psychiatric institution. Doctor Octopus (identity revealed in #156) reappears as a homeless person pursued by an unseen adversary. Former football star and computer scientist Bradley Bolton is blackmailed by Paine (working for an unknown group; eventually revealed to be led by Kingpin in #163) to hand over a component to the Worldwide Habitual Offenders W.

Spider-Man arrives too late to save Bolton. The Sandman Always Strikes Twice! Sandman is liberated by a group of criminals (see #153) whose unseen leader forces him to go steal a mechanism.

He is defeated by Spider-Man. Spider-Man attempts to solve the mystery of who murdered Dr. Armstrong Smith, designer of the Worldwide Habitual Offenders W. The killer is revealed to be the computer itself.

On a clear day you can see the Mirage! Ned Leeds and Betty Brant get married.

Return of Doctor Octopus (last page). The Ghost That Haunted Octopus!

Doctor Octopus is pursued by the ghost of Hammerhead. In an attempt to eliminate Hammerhead's ghost, Doctor Octopus unfortunately rematerializes him. Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus join forces to fight Hammerhead and rescue Aunt May.

Reappears (identity revealed in #160), with the Spider-Mobile. The Tinkerer attempts to capture Spider-Man with the Spider-Mobile. Jonah Jameson receives photos of Spider-Man (revealed in #161, the photos show Spider-Man unmasking his clone, and disposing of him in a smokestack). And the Nightcrawler came prowling, prowling.

Mistakenly battle over a series of sniper deaths. Let The Punisher Fit The Crime! Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, and the Punisher joins forces to defeat Jigsaw. All The Kingpin's Men!

Spider-Man re-encounters a group of costumed villains (met in #153, #154 and #160) and he is captured by their boss, Kingpin. Kingpin uses Spider-Man's life force to reanimate his son Richard Fisk. But with the help of Dr. Curt Connors Spider-Man is able to reverse the deadly effects.

Connors son, so that Dr. Connors will create a weapon for him.

Peter makes up with Mary Jane. Marla Madison to create the Spider-Slayer IV. Stegron battles Spider-Man using re-animated dinosaur skeletons. Harry Osborn and Liz Allan announce their engagement.

Stegron re-animates three dinosaurs which wreak havoc in the city. Spider-Man battles Stegron and the Lizard. The Lizard is defeated but Stegron escapes only to fall into hibernation induced by the New York winter.

Jonah tests the Spider-Slayer IV. 1st appearance of Will-O'-The Wisp. Aunt May pickets her land-lord over rent control.

As Harry Osborn's psychoanalyst. An enraged Robbie Robertson berates Spider-Man for visiting his home. Jonah Jameson's office and steals the evidence Jonah holds against him. Spider-Man battles Will-O'-The-Wisp after catching him stealing plans. Warfare on the Great White Way!

Battles Spider-Slayer IV and Will-O'-The-Wisp. Will-O'-The-Wisp revealed to be working for Jonas Harrow. Jonah Jameson shows Peter Parker the photos of him disposing of his clone. Jameson believes that the pictures prove that Spider-Man killed Peter Parker, and then began impersonating him. Peter, however (who had broken into Jameson's office as Spider-Man, and found the photos, using them to create fake pictures) makes Jameson believe that his proof consists of forged photos.

Spider-Man stumbles on a group of criminals using a laser-gun made by the Tinkerer. Their boss revealed to be Doctor Faustus.

Madness is all in the Mind! Photon is another name for... The Fiend from The Fire. 1st appearance of the Rocket Racer. If You Can't Stand The Heat...

Spider-Man battles the Molten Man and saves Liz Allan. The Hitman's Back in Town! The Hitman is hired by the People's Liberation Front to kidnap J.

Spider-Man and Punisher join up to battle him. Harry Osborn reveals that Liz Allan has broken up with him; Peter and Flash get him to go see his psychiatrist.

The PLF attempt to blow up the Statue of Liberty with J. The Punisher and Spider-Man save the day; death of Hitman. Harry Osborn becomes enraged during a therapy session and attacks his doctor; the shadowy victor of the fight proclaims himself the Green Goblin.

1st appearance of the third Green Goblin. Aunt May has a heart attack while protesting outside of city hall.

The Green Goblin attacks Flash and Spider-Man. The Green Goblin tries to take over the criminal underground from Silvermane. Spider-Man escapes from Silvermane's men.

The hospital needs Peter to sign off on surgery for Aunt May, but he is kidnapped by the Green Goblin. The Goblin's Always Greener... The battle between Green Goblin, Silvermane, and Spider-Man continues.

Aunt May's operation is successful. Harry Osborn is revealed as the Goblin's prisoner.

Who Was That Goblin I Saw You With? The 3rd Green Goblin is revealed to be Harry Osborn's therapist Bart Hamilton. Hamilton and Osborn fight each other, both as the Green Goblin, and Hamilton ends up dying. The Rocket Racer's Back in Town! Peter Parker proposes to Mary Jane Watson.

Return of the Rocket Racer. And Where the Big Wheel Stops, Nobody Knows!

Mary Jane says no to Peter Parker's proposal. Spider-Man defeats the Rocket Racer and the Big Wheel. 1st appearance of White Dragon. Except he does not graduate because he is one credit short, requiring make-up work over the summer. Spider-Man begins a brief stint where he is recognized as a hero by the general public.

The Chameleon (working for an unrevealed Spencer Smythe) tries to destroy his reputation. Cap and Spider-Man must rescue a child that has the plague, from Electro. (working for an unrevealed Spencer Smythe). John Jameson's cryogenically frozen body is stolen. Spencer Smythe (unrevealed) uses John Jameson / Man-Wolf to attack J.

In Search of the Man-Wolf! Conclusion of battle with Man-Wolf.

Introduction of the fifth Spider-Slayer. Death of Spencer Smythe (creator of the Spider-Slayers). Are handcuffed together with a bomb. Nine Lives Has The Black Cat!

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The Amazing Spider-Man Lot 79 Bronze Age Issues from 1970-1979